Opportunity Knocks – Mailsy Launches

In May, two days before my birthday actually, I was browsing facebook, checking out a private group I frequent when I this post post by Jared Silver. He’s a young, well-known internet marketer in the niche I work (internet advertising) He’s pretty amazing when he started he was barely in his teens! and doing better than a lot of us. Was a speaker in a TEDX talk, and what I liked was the simple, clean style of his projects like Traffic Codex. So when he sent this post out I heard it, opportunity, in the form of a little bird. You can read it here, but to summarize what it says here’s an excerpt from Jared’s site.

Jared Sells Mailsy

In June I bought it, spent the next three months finishing what he started and it launched 26th Sept. 2016 It’s called Mailsy.netHello I'm Mailsy

It’s a “no gimmicks” viral mailer with no limit to the number of members you can send to. Just read the emails that are sent to your email inbox and then every 5 days, sign in to send your own email to every member of the site. What does this mean? Why is it different? Because unlike a lot of sites, you truly don’t need to spend a ton on an upgrade to be able to utilize the site to its full potential. Just Read, and send, and if you want to reach everybody without reading the emails yourself, just buy credits. Of course, if you plan to read emails to earn your credits you’ll definitely want an upgrade, but this way you don’t have to feel locked into anything when you’ve got a hot campaign. Count on Mailsy to get it in front of Tons of eye’s fast.

Join us, and let’s get Mailing.

Brian Zens