How to send email with

I walk you thru checking your URL and sending your email with the send mail page.

This video is recorded in HD so it’s best viewed in full-screen mode.

  • George Nica

    Good article!! But don’t get me wrong, on all free email sending are people who wants others to join their thing ”business” to not be rude. So, buyers?? Yeah but after one month are gone. In long term value Facebook wins, Instagram, pinterest, tumblr, vk, twitter, G+, etc because their are all kind of people not only business seekers. Here ”ListJoe,, Bweeble, etc are only business seekers and to stand out for my words I use similar web to see your trafic, rank, Geo target, from where and where go the traffic, after that I’m on majority of this programs and honestly are the same 80% people with the same business, that means that traffic or viewers are the same ”business seekers”. Like I said, I don’t want to be rude but many use this programs to set their automation, tracking, in few words to experiment some gadgets not to bring value. Just my opinion!! No offense!! See yaa

    • Hey George, No offence taken. You make good points and even add reasons why you should still use sites like ours. Buyers? yes, most definitely, Some that have been buying and profiting from the purchase since 2005 when listjoe was founded. Social networking is definitely the “cream of the crop” right now and can be setup in such ways that it takes little effort to utilize so not using just a little more to send to and sites like it just leaving subscribers on the table. Iff you are in fact in the “business seekers” niche, as we all (business seekers) end up using them at some point so they are still a formidable source of “cheaper than facebook” traffic as long as the activity is good. I wouldn’t say 80% though, we make it a priority to bring in members from outside the niche so I think that’s exaggerating some. Thanks for your feedback!

      • George Nica

        Indeed. I repeat, no offense. For me personally is to test landing pages, free autoresponders, autoresponders with free account up to 20,000 emails, tracking url, google tracking, rotator url, free rotator url, in few words I test. So, I don’t wait someone to buy something even I promote a 20$ product even I promote a 1000$ product. For me is testing because when I go on social media and I use paid ads my friend I have my homework made 100%. So, there I don’t use money to test because I have the automation 100% tested, free, and the money that I must use on automation, I will use on ads. Like I said, no offense. Personally, I don’t need to sell and the second I see what others are doing, another BIG TIP. I wish you a good night. See yaa